“Haven’t I just paid teachers to do this?”

“Haven’t I just paid teachers to do this?
LISA HUDSON STUMP | October 20, 2011   phillyBurbs.com

Who designed the math curriculum? I want to speak to this math Einstein about the choices he made for my kids. Why isn’t intensive focus on addition, subtraction and multiplication early in elementary school Arithmetic Priority One? Who decided that parents could just pick up the slack a few years later so teachers could roll right into lessons about fractions now?

Parents work full time at other jobs to pay a professional educator to teach arithmetic.

Having parents handle crucial math instruction is a recipe for disaster and it’s ludicrous to ask parents to do it. I’m sure the math curriculum designer was paid well to figure out how to get it done in school. I really don’t care when and how it’s done. Just do it before our children apply for jobs requiring basic math skills. Pleas

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