S.F. schools to test new U.S. math standards

S.F. schools to test new U.S. math standards
Jill Tucker  September 27, 2011  SFGate.com

“We’re getting killed across the world in terms of mathematics,” said Terry Bergeson, executive director of the San Francisco School Alliance, a district partner in the implementation of the grant. “Around the rest of the world, the kids are … applying mathematics to real-world problems. We teach formulas. We teach algorithms. We teach math facts.”

Bergeson dream is to see 10-year-olds working out how to build a bridge in place of the current method of having a class of kids sitting in rows doing two-digit multiplication problems until their hand hurts.

“I think it’s going to be a revolution in mathematics across the country,” she said. “They can be a little engineer in the third grade.”

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