Math Standards

This introductory page to the Math Standards section will provide a brief overview of the content of each page.

Washington 2008 Math Standards

The Washington 2008 Math Standards page provides links to the standards as well as an overview of the Fordham Institute’s review.  A brief history of the development of the Washington 2008 Math Standards is provided.

Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

The Common Core State Standards page provides a introduction to the development of the CCSS and Washington State’s adoption of the CCSS.  Links are provided to the CCSS and three comparisons of the CCSS math standards with the current Washington 2008 math standards.  Some concerns regarding the math standards a listed along with links to a number of reports and reviews of the CCSS.  Two Where’s the Math? position statements about the CCSS are presented.  Additional general information about the CCSS is included in the Common Core $tate $tandards What Parents, Taxpayers, and School Boards Should Know.  This is followed up with a link to OSPI’s report to the legislature which provided the estimated costs for CCSS implementation from which an informative table was developed.

Sets of Standards

The Sets of Standards page has links to some A rated state math standards as well as links to standards from some foreign countries.  There are links to three reviews of state standards, one of which also reviews the CCSS.  This is followed with information about Characteristics of K-12 Math Standards.

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