Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth  
MJ McDermott speaks about the current state of math education as a private citizen. KCPQ does not endorse this video.

Math Education: A University View  
Professor Cliff Mass discusses math education in the state of Washington.

Seattle School Board Adoption of High School Mathematics Curriculum
Michael DeBell comments on “Discovering Algebra, Geometry, and Advanced Algebra”

Dana Center at Bellevue  
Uri Treisman and Phil Daro instruct Bellevue teachers on how to deal with math parents.

Math with Madeline  
The 5th grader compares different math programs.

Saxon Math at North Beach
Discussion of improvements based on use of Saxon Math

The unintended consequences of the TERC Investigations Math Curriculum

Restoring Math Education for Your Children
A Public Forum from Where’s The Math?
Monday, October 27th, 2008   7:30-9:00 PM

University of Washington Kane Hall – Room 220

The entire forum was video taped. The video segments are available for viewing on YouTube. The video segments are easily found with a YouTube search using wtm forum as the search entry. There are twelve video segments. Links to each video segment are provided below.


Elizabeth Carson on Edcast (1 of 2)

Elizabeth Carson on Edcast (2 of 2)


Entertaining and Math Promoting Videos and Raps

I Will Derive!



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