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Many of the Math Humor pages on the internet are simply named Math Humor.  Each one listed below is a different website. Enjoy! Do you know of others?

The Lighter Side of Math   PA Coalition for World Class Math

Mathematical humor

This is a great collection of math humor. It includes definitions, puns, anecdotes, limericks, and more.
Here’s a sample from the limerick section.

Pi goes on and on and on …
And e is just as cursed.
I wonder: Which is larger
When their digits are reversed?

A surgeon, a mathematician and an educrat(university reform math education instructor) were arguing about whose profession was the oldest.  The surgeon stated that his profession was first, “After all”, he asked, “who do you think helped God make Eve out of one of Adam’s ribs?”  The mathematician said, “No, before Adam and Eve and even before the Big Bang, there was chaos and God needed a mathematician to show him how to use chaos theory.”  The educratspoke up, “Ha! I win, who do you think caused the chaos?”

Math Humor - Mathematically Sound Foundations

Math Humour!

Weapons of Math DestructionMontessori School Of Dentistry Lets Students Discover Their Own Root Canal Procedures
NOVEMBER 20, 2009 The Onion
They could be talking about math education.

In the Know: Are our Children Learning Enough About Whales?
The Onion video

Fox Chicago’s shows fuzzy math GOP candidate support pie chart  video

Math Humor - Mathematically Sound Foundations

Math Humor - Mathematically Sound Foundations

Math Humor - Mathematically Sound Foundations





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